We're back for Summer Slam - Fully Loaded Softball 2020 live and in primetime on FOX Sports Australia Feb 3-5!

The world first Fully Loaded Softball tournament was a smash hit at Blacktown International Sportspark during the Summer Slam and now Softball Australia is rolling out the all new format across the country! Loaded bases, three innings, shorter fences, 60-second changeover between innings, Fully Loaded Softball is all the best bits of the game wrapped up within an hour!

The Summer Slam - Fully Loaded inaugural champions, the Fury!

Summer Slam - Fully Loaded Softball, Day 1 Highlights


The Summer Slam - Fully Loaded Softball

Held at the Blacktown International Sportspark in Sydney, broadcast live in primetime by Fox Sports, The Summer Slam – Fully Loaded Softball offers shorter games, more action, less downtime and more runs scored.

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Fully Loaded Softball

Fully Loaded Softball is a new format of softball that puts the pressure and excitement in games from the first pitch. A more exciting, faster format with big scores, more home-runs and more edge of your seat, white knuckle moments.

Softball Australia would like to introduce Fully Loaded Softball.


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