Fully Loaded Softball for Schools is designed to provide an action packed NEW and EXCITING format of softball that incorporates all the best bits of softball, speeds it up and increases participation outcomes!

Softball is used in schools during PE, for Sporting Schools and Inter-school sports programs, so Softball Australia has developed sets of rules and programs that can be used by teachers to implement their own softball programs in schools.

SOFTBALL BATTER UP provides over 65 softball game activities that makes playing, coaching and teaching softball easy with over 65 modified softball activities, pre-planned programs to follow and session planners to take your program to the next level.

FULLY LOADED T-BALL has been designed to improve the game we all know and love create more excitement and opportunity for participation outcomes. With the bases loaded every innings, more students are engaged from the first call of “play ball” giving students the change to score more runs and have more chance to run.

FULLY LOADED SOFTBALL has been developed to ensure softball is FAST, FUN and there’s more ACTIVITY leading to better participant engagement. It’s purpose is to get participants playing a game that is fit for purpose at entry level. Rules are simplified and the bases are loaded at the start of every innings meaning each player gets at least one turn to start on base and gets an even number of turns to bat each game.


Softball Batter up

Fun modified games activities to be used during PE or Sporting Schools that makes PLAYING, COACHING and TEACHING softball EASY! Over 65 modified games, pre-planned programs and session planner to help you deliver your softball program or event. Visit the website to explore.

Fully loaded T-Ball

An easy to play modified softball game that uses a batting tee and creates more activity while participants learn skills and game concepts. Suitable for PE programs and grade 3-4 district level interschool T-Ball competitions. Check with your district coordinator to get involved today.

Fully Loaded Softball

More FUN, EXCITEMENT and ACTION from the first pitch! Fully Loaded softball engages participants and gets them more involved in the game with more opportunities to run and hit. Most suited for first level district inter-school competitions. Read the rules here and get involved today.