Association resources

Manuals and fact sheets that provide all the information affiliates need to run a Fully Loaded Softball Competition.

Marketing Resources

Marketing and social media resources needed to promote your Fully Loaded Softball event, season or competition.

Fully Loaded Softball Rules

Click here for different versions of the rules to suit your competition; junior, senior, slowpitch or fastpitch.

Benefits for existing Competitions

  • Rule changes make it more appealing to a broader audience

  • Appealing to new members and softball fans

  • Existing members are energized about the new competition

    Benefits of running a short format

  • It offers a “Value Add” to traditional softball membership

  • Current members can play in addition to their regular season

  • Short format appeals to time poor softball fans, many who would love to play, but until now couldn’t commit to a full traditional season

  • If played during the week it helps keep weekends free for other activities (or more softball)